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Scilab-Julia Interface    • Shamika Mohanan   

Scilab-Julia Interface

Scilab-Julia Interface

Create an interface that can call any Julia function from Scilab console and displays the output of the Julia function on Scilab console.

Applicant profile:

The applicant should-

  • Have excellent coding skills in C and C++
  • Know how to call functions from external libraries in C/C++ code
  • Know how to compile C/C++ code by linking against external libraries

Suggested reading:

Week 0

  • Read through the Scilab API and how to build and load libraries in Scilab.
  • Created a test library for familiarising myself with the Scilab API.
  • Also successfully linked Julia to the test library and called a function in Julia.

Week 1

  • Wrote a code converting a scilab double matrix to a Julia double matrix and vice versa
  • Debugging the above conversion code
  • Resolved an issue in double conversion
  • Added conversion code similar to double for boolean

Week 2

  • Converted to efficient copying of data from scilab to Julia
  • Added support for multiple outputs of a function
  • Added code for Integer data types
  • Fixed a bug regarding scalar return types
  • Added macOS Julia libraries and tried linking them

Week 3

  • Added support for scalar types conversions for all three types
  • Added boolean support completed and tested
  • Added code for Hypermat doubles extraction from scilab but can’t inject into julia environment
  • Added similar code for Hypermat int and boolean conversion