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Front end development for FOSSEE websites    • Priyanka    • Prashant   

Front end development for FOSSEE websites

Front end development for FOSSEE websites

This internship involves front-end development for various FOSSEE websites.


  1. Wireframe/layout a website or web application.
  2. Design and implement user-facing features considering rendering time and reusability of UI components.
  3. Optimize web applications to maximize speed and scale. Support diverse clients from high powered desktop computers to small footprint mobile devices.
  4. Write client-side code for web-based applications, create fast, easy-to- use, high volume production applications, and develop prototypes quickly.
  5. Create and edit PNG and JPEG images and/or take a PSD and turn it into a working website.
  6. Write HTML and CSS from scratch.
  7. Add interactivity to a website with JavaScript (or jQuery)
  8. Knowledge of Django/Python/PHP is required.


Improve three Django based websites