Hold The Beat

• Game • Web App

A simple, yet elegant game to test your sense of rhythm. Keep clicking to the beat as it fades away, and try to create a new highscore! The repository where this website resides can be found here.


• AI • Python

A simple personal assistant driven by text and voice with limitless possibilities of adding more features. Uses AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) for pattern matching and chatbot abilities along with a few python and shell scripts to carry out system processes. The repository resides here.


• Augmented Reality • Computer Vision

This is an augemented reality gaming platform. The game is projected on a screen and a camera records the user interaction with the screen. The repository resides here.


• File Sharing • Web App • Python3 • Django

Wirespace was developed collectively by Kumar Saurav, Kumar Saunack and Yash Shah, for simplifying file sharing amongst people in the same network.

It is a decentralized file server application which, if permitted, allows clients to directly access file storage on the server side. To put it simply, the software creates a local file server which clients can connect to and read/write directly. The project runs on the browser, so only the server needs to have a copy of the software - the only exception being when the client wants to use the in-place editor.

The repository resides here.