Resume Script Generator

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Mentors :

  • Divyansh Natani

  • Vedant Kumar Sultania

Mentees :

  • 5-6 students

Building your resume with the template of your choice just made easier! Description: This project will make use of Django to generate a dynamic form website, which will collect all details required for making a resume like Scholastic Achievements, Key Projects, PORs etc. This will involve dealing with dynamic forms which can include headings, multiple sub-headings and sub-sub-headings.

For, handling this, we will use Django Framework and other Python libraries. This form will, at the end, generate a LaTEX script which can be used to generate Resume. Will use Bootstrap for front-end design. Here, we will deal with all standard resume formats used at IITB(2-3 types of 2-page resume and 2-3 types of 1-page resume) to give user a choice of format
This project can serve institute and can help reduce time required to make a resume. So, it has a high scope.
If you are newbie to python, don’t be scared. Just go through this resource once, hardly it takes 1-2 hr to understand basics of python. If facing any problem, you are welcome to reach out to us.
In proposal, you must include your motivation, how will you contribute/what new you can add and why should we take you. For those who do not satisfy (Soft) prerequisite, please do also include how are you gonna cover it up(just give a brief plan, we will provide you help and resources).
At the end of this, you will have hands-on-experience on one of the most used Python-Web framework, Django along with HTML, CSS, bootstrap. Also, you will learn about LaTEX, which will definetely help you in making your assignments as well as resume. Timeline will use three weeks of starting SOC period and three weeks of summer vacations.

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 0 Brush Up Python
Week 1 Introduction to Django
Week 2 Introduction to LaTEX
Week 3 Form Rendering
Week 4 Writing Backend Logic for Form and including LaTEX Structure
Week 5 Front-end Design and other logistics