Competitve Coding

  • Competitve Coding

Mentors :

  • Tarush Goyal

Mentees :

  • <=3 students

Initially, mentees would focus on learning new ideas and algorithms. But eventually most of the time would be spent on implementing those algorithms using a suitable platform (preferrably codeforces) as a rating based approach helps to check track progress.

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1-2 Learning simple concepts of HTML & CSS
Week 2-3 Learning how to use JavaScript & jQuery
Week 3-4 Intro to php
Week 4-5 Learning Angular and use it design webpages
Final Week Developing a final website with all the concepts learned

Checkpoints :

Week Number Tasks to be Completed
Week 0 CPP and CODEFORCES : revising basic cpp, making a basic template, making an account on cf, exploring the platform, making a submission, reading a tutorial
Week 1 Reading and practising algorithms like search, sort, simple greedy ideas
Week 2 NUMBER THEORY: prime, divisibility, exponentiation, sieve etc.
Week 3 ADVANCED DS: vector, map, unordered map, queue, stack, list, dequeue
Week 4 DYNAMIC PROGRAMMING: practising standard cases of dp and getting hands dirty on cf
Week 5 BASIC GRAPHS: trees (dfs, bfs), storing graphs, basic properties, distance algorithms