Watson (World's smartest assistant in your pocket)

  • machine Learning

Mentors :

  • Anirudh Mittal

Mentees :

  • 4 students

Description: What’s the screen time of your mobile phone? Have you used an app more than you wanted to? Have you faced trouble developing a positive habit using an app? Do you feel addicted to social media and find it difficult to ‘live in the moment’? If any of these questions mean something to you and you’re interested in android development, this project should be worth your attention.

I wish to see an app that’s smart enough like an assistant to help me know how I spend my time and then help me manage my time. Basic (and buggy) prototype of this project is available. Mentees will be first asked to get familiarized with the present code and then begin implementing other features.

These links are from the ideation phase: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OLidOb9bIo9bhA25xASy0nSClswLPe32/view?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Cmshkh15D63yXtKHc0D_XIM1jebpBaJAoKUmxuPVmPA/edit?usp=sharing

Ideal mentees should have basic ideas about android development and should have made a couple of apps. Kindly share these apps while applying. If you have not done android dev before, you should still apply as long as you’re ready to put in the required efforts.

Tentative Timeline :

Week Number Tasks to be Completed
Week 1 Basics of Android (Tutorials)
Week 1 Basics of Android (Hands-on)
Week 3 Code deubbging
Week 4 Release of Proof of concept (Version 1)
Week 5 Implementing feature #1 (User insights)
Week 6 Implementing feature #2 (TBD)
Week 7 Implementing feature #3 (TBD)
Week 8 Release of Protoype (Version 2)

Checkpoints :

Checkpoint Number Progress
1 Android basics
2 Proof of concept
3 Version 1.1
4 Version 1.2
5 Prototype