• Machine Learning

Mentors :

  • Payal Choudhary

  • Abhishek Pai Angle

Mentees :

  • 5-6 students

Description: Did you just sleep while watching a lecture and are too lazy to watch it again? Do you think a 1 hour lecture could be done away in like 10-20 mins? Or you really wanted to attend a webinar but do not have the patience to listen to the speaker for 2-3 hours?

Don’t worry! BriefKing has got you covered! Briefking is an attempt to automate the day-to-day stuff that you do. The Input to this application will be “your daily class lectures” and the expected output is a brief but detailed summary of the entire lecture. This is more of a Research and Development Project. You can expect reading a lot of research papers and then implement a suitable model while keeping in mind the accuracy. We will not go deep into the topics rather it will be more of an implementation based project.

Tentative Timeline :

Week Number Tasks to be Completed
Week 1-2 Brush Up Python and Tenserflow
Week 3-4 Video to Audio to Text Generator
Week 5 Research on related Work
Week 6 Collecting the right dataset, preprocessing
Week 7-8 Implementing the model
Week 9-10 Making the UI and deployment