Tools for Data Science

  • Data Science

Mentors :

  • Dev Moxaj Desai

Mentees :

  • 4-6

Have you ever wondered what data science is? Or how you should get started with it? This project answers those questions by helping one start off with data science.

This project aims at learning basic data science approaches like data transformations and data mining. By the end of the project, you could expect to be comfortable with basic manipulations to data and perform a few data mining techniques. You would also gain basic knowledge of popular python libraries (including but not limited to pandas, numpy, matplotlib and scikit-learn). This project will involve application of these concepts to a project using Python (you are free to choose the project but definitely can get recommendations).

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Phase-1 Basic set up and learning basic data transformations
Week-1 Brushing up basics of python and do basic installations
Week-2 Learn basic data transformations
First Goal(Tentatively) Apply a few transforms to a given dataset and plot the results
Phase-2 Learning data mining with practical examples
Week-3 Learn regression and classification and apply the techniques to fit a model
Week 4-5 Learn data mining techniques like clustering, association et al
Week-6 Implement the tools learned to make a basic project

Checkpoints :

Checkpoint Number Progress
1 setup of python, libraries et al.
2 learn about transformations
3 perform transformation to a given data set
4 learning data mining techniques
5 applying the techniques to make a project.