Intro to Competitive Programming

  • Web Development

Mentors :

  • Shivang Tiwari

  • Vipul Singh

Mentees :

  • 5-6

This is meant to be a basic competitive programming project. Participants are required to participate in as many contests as possible on websites like codeforces, codechef, atcoder etc and then discuss it after the contest ends.

As a part of theory, I plan to cover basic STL and some data structures/Algorithms from my library. Later parts can cover some intermediate topics like square root decomposition, matchings etc.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of C++ (CS 101)

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Basic syntax revision, C++ refreshing
Week 2 Introduction to STL
Week 3 Some important data structures not in STL(union find, RMQ etc)
Week 4 First 10 problems of Introductory Problems/CSES
Week 5 First 10 problems of Sorting and Searching/CSES
Week 6 Theory on dynamic programming + First 10 problems of Dynamic Programming/CSES
Week 7 Theory on graphs + First 5 problems of Graph Algorithms/CSES