Mini Motorways Solver

Mentors :

  • Aditya Kadoo

  • Prerak Meshram

Mentees :

  • 2-4

Have you ever played the strategy simulation game "Mini Motorways"? If no, then go ahead and checkout it's gameplay. We are here to build the perfect ML based model to ace this game.

Learn Python from scratch. Go through concepts of Graph Theory and Machine Learning. Code and test a solver on a simulation of the actual game. Innovate ways to extend this to real world traffic congestion problems by working with real world data-sets.
A good grasp of programming concepts from CS-101 is enough apart from great enthusiasm.

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Introduction to Python and git basics
Week 2 Learn about Graph and Heap data structures and implement various Path Finding algorithms.
Week 3-4 Get acquainted with frameworks such as numpy, pandas, sklearn, etc. and build up Machine Learning concepts like different kinds of optimisation problems, regression algorithms, neural networks, etc.
Week 5 Creating a model for solving the game in Python
Week 6 Parameter tuning and testing
Week 7-8 Applying on a real world data-set