CNN Based Stock Market Prediction

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Mentors :

  • Shivprasad Kathane

Mentees :

  • 5-10 (would yield variety of prediction results!)

The goal of this project is to implement 3D Convolutional Neural Network models for predicting the directional movement of stock markets using data from various sources. Main Paper:

Other Articles:
will be sharing resources for learning the foundations, mentees can also find more articles on the internet, and look up papers & data on the Indian market as well and try working on them.
Prerequisite: Should be familiar with python and exposure to data analysis is preferable

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Intro to Time Series Data & Problems
Week 2 Basic modeling & forecasting Methods
Week 3 Basic Machine Learning & Deep Learning
Week 4 Building Neural Networks in Google Colab
Week 5 Understanding and Implementing CNNs
Week 6 Reading and Understanding the Paper Possibly reviewing similar papers/articles
Week 7 Understanding & Working with the Data, Model Building & Evaluation
Week 8-9 Possible Iterations, Optimisations, suggest improvements & Documention