Light (Rendering) Engine

  • Web Development

Mentors :

  • Rwitaban Goswami

  • Neilabh Banzal

Mentees :

  • 4 Light is a lightweight game engine written in C++17. It is currently in development and is not yet ready for use You will be working in developing and designing rendering algorithms, and implement the rendering subsystem of the game engine. Some of the systems you will be working on:
1) Material System
2) Blinn-Phong Shading System
3) PBR Shading System
4) Shadows

Prerequisites: OOP knowledge, basic C++ syntax knowledge, basic Game Dev knowledge and enthu!!

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Learn basics of rendering from
Week 2 Implement basic rendering system using core opengl
Week 3 Setup and walkthrough the Light codebase on system
Week 4 Directional Lights, Spot Lights
Week 5 Directional Light, Spot Light Shadow Maps
Week 6-7 Material System
Week 8 Physically Based Rendering System