threeD (Novel Scripting Language)

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Mentors :

  • Rwitaban Goswami

Mentees :

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We will be working on implemented a brand new programming language, specifically purposed to be integrated into the scripting engine of the game engine Light Working on this project will teach you the basics of compiler theory, as well as working in a large scale project

To get an idea of how to implement a programming language:

To learn compiler theory in depth, read the Dragon Book
Basics of C++ and OOP, basics of Game Dev and enthu!!

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Learn basics of Lexing, Parsing
Week 2 Design the basic syntax and rules of threeD
Week 3 Implement lexing in LLVM
Week 4 Implement parsing in LLVM to form AST
Week 5 Convert AST to LLVM IR
Week 6 Add loops and conditionals
Week 7-8 Buffer (add more language features)