Mini-Bloomberg Terminal

  • Web Development, Fin-Tech

Mentors :

  • Tanmay Choudhary & Shaan Shah

Mentees :

  • 4

The Bloomberg Terminal - it's iconic. The Bloomberg terminal as a whole has got to be the most bloated PoS ever and in this project we will aim to build a mini- Bloomberg terminal. Do check out this awesome video to get the feel of what we are aiming for! Link-
Prerequisites: Either of Frontend, Backend development or Data processing/ML

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1-2 Finalizing on features to be included in the terminal Dividing the mentees into teams Discussion and finalizing the design doc for backend server and data calling functions Discussion and finalizing the design doc for frontend server and interface with backend server
Week 3-4 Backend - Technical Indicators Backend - Make a skeleton backend - microservice based architecture Frontend - Make a rough wireframe design
Week 5-6 Fundamentals (using scrapers, need to process data) Technicals
Week 7-10 Trading bot and Viz tools + Finishing, Debugging and Testing