Tech-Points Portal

  • Web Development

Mentors :

  • Payal Choudhary & Aniket Agrawal

Mentees :

  • 6

Tech Points is a concept to streamline the process of prizes distribution. Each club will, in place of tech vouchers, give certain tech points to the winners. These winners can redem these points at any time of the year to get any prize from the list of prizes we provide mapped to tech points. Our task is to create a portal where students can check their tech points along with appropriate history, give them a redemming option as well as show the stage their current redemmed prize are in, maintain a backend whose access will be restricted to club managers, nominees and GS to allot tech points and provide prizes when redemmed by users.
Basic Web Development Skills (react, node js)

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Learn basics of react framework and creating API in the node js backend
Week 2 Create an authentication option with access only to IITB students along with an interface in the frontend
Week 3 Develop a dashboard to show user data and integrate it by creating APIs in the backend
Week 4 Create a page to show the transaction history and integrate it by creating APIs in the backend
Week 5 Provide the option to redeem the points to get the listed prize, and check its current status
Week 6 Make an admin side interface for club managers to allot tech points after any event