Competitive Coding

  • Competitive Coding

Mentors :

  • Virendra Kabra

Mentees :

  • 6

Introduction to competitive programming, online judges like codeforces, and data structures and algorithms for the same. Topics like binary search, sorting, divide-conquer, greedy algos, dynamic programming, graphs and their algos, and C++ STL: stacks, queues, lists, sets, maps. Some time can also be spent on C++ basics. Reading material: online videos, geeksforgeeks, codeforces problem set.
Prerequisites: N/A

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 : C++ basics and STL (data structures and methods), start on codeforces, build a template
Week 2 Sorting, Binary Search
Week 3 Graphs and BFS, DFS
Week 4 Divide-Conquer
Week 5 Dynamic Programming
Week 6 Greedy Algos