Stock Market Trend Predictor using Deep Learning

  • Machine Learning, Fintech, Stock Market

Mentors :

  • Naman Singh Rana, Dhairya Parekh & Shikhar Mundra

Mentees :

  • 6

This project allows the mentees to explore their interests in the complex and intriguing aspects of equity trading. This project introduces the mentees to the domain of intersection between stock market and usage of deep learning in this field. Mentees will get a chance to imlpement a paper on short term stock market price trend prediction using comprehensive deep learning system. The solution involves pre-processing of the stock market dataset, utilization of various engineering techniques and a deep learning model for the prediction.
Prerequisites: Enthusiasm to learn about stock market and machine learning

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Basics of Python + Basics of Stock Market
Week 2 Basics of Trading + Python Library(numpy,matplotlib)
Week 3 Reading Research Paper + Understanding the algorithm
Week 4-5 Implementing the code
Week 6 Debugging + Simulation