Gestures for 3D space

  • Machine Learning

  • Image Processing

  • Development

Mentors :

  • Pranav Pagar
  • Siddhesh Pawar

Mentees :

  • Kshitij
  • Abhinav Gupta
  • Ankit Kumar Misra
  • Jai Israni
  • Jash Shah
  • Atharva mete
  • Tejas Pagare
  • Meeta Malviya
  • Senthil Vikram Vodapalli
  • Manan Goyal
  • Richeek Das
  • Rishab Khantwal
  • Rohit Vartak
  • Shrey Singal

Have you ever wondered what will be the future of interaction with computers or smart devices. Well here is a clue, its going to be touch less.This project will contain the research part as well as the development (front end and back end) part of the technology.

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Research on the type of hand gestures and the possible ways of doing them
Week 2 Exploring existing modules for hand recognition and using them in different applications
Week 3 Creating your own module on the basis of the previous problems you faced.
Week 4 Creating a problem statement for an application (for front end design)
Week 5 Buffer
Week 6 Body tracking and monitoring
Week 7 Creating 2nd problem statement for an application (based on body tracking)
Week 8 Front end development.
Week 9-10 Refining and final presentation