Insti Buddy

  • Development

  • Web Development

Mentors :

  • Rishabh Arya
  • Latika Patel

Mentees :

  • Kumari Sakshi
  • Sahil Kumar
  • Vaibhavi Agrawal
  • Adarsh Kumar
  • Kushal Choudhary

Insti buddy will be an assistant that helps you search telephone directory of IIT Bombay and keeps you updated with the Facebook feed of campus groups at IIT Bombay.

- Contacts: Access complete telephone directory of IIT Bombay. User may call, mail, and save contact directly using this feature.
- Notice: It will show Facebook feeds of all the campus groups relevant to user. Insti buddy also notifies user when anything new comes on these pages.

Tentative Timeline :

Week Work
Week 1 Set up necessary environment and learn some basics of GitHub and each platform
Week 2 Learn basics of all languages which will be used in development( App- Java/kotlin; website - HTML/CSS/Javascript ; Server - Python )
Week 3-4 Make a basic prototype model of (Creating a simple app with list views and basic UI; server - creating an API with get/post requests)
Week 5-6 Collect the data of all contacts or find the way to directly fetch them and research about methods to scrap posts from Facebook
Week 7-9 Implementation of individual features , and testing
Week 10-11 Debugging in code/improve code structure/Some buffer time
Week 12 Check all issues and Document the work done