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Develop GUI for OpenModelica using Python    • Rahul   

Develop GUI for OpenModelica using Python

Develop GUI for OpenModelica using Python

OpenModelica is a free and open source environment based on the Modelica modelling language for modelling, simulating, optimising and analysing complex dynamic systems. Its development is supported by Open Source Modelica Consortium. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Please visit for more details about OpenModelica.

Job Description

We are looking for a python developer with experience in GUI development. You will be working on a project that involves developing a GUI, for a chemical process simulator, in python using kivy. The work includes designing, developing and testing various GUI functionalities like menubars, taskbars, drag and drop, popups etc. This GUI will then be interfaced with OpenModelica, which will serve as a simulation engine for the GUI. The interface will be majorly based on making system calls from python using the package os. Therefore, part of the work will be dedicated to the development of the above mentioned interface.

Job Requirements

  1. Good python programming skills.
  2. Familiar with GUI concepts.
  3. Experience in Tkinter or PyQt is preferred.
  4. Good understanding of OOPs.

Week 0

  • Develop fluency with kivy (GUI development module for python).
  • Install the necessary API and get the present code working.
  • Understand the present code.