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SBHS Virtual lab server and website    • Rupak Rokade   

SBHS Virtual lab server and website

SBHS Virtual lab server and website

A Virtual Laboratory is an online facility aimed at providing an laboratory experience to students. This project involves improving SBHS remote-triggered virtual lab server and website.

Unlike Simulation Virtual Labs, Remote Triggered Virtual Labs (RT labs for short) is that category of Virtual Labs which enables the student to access a real experimental setup, remotely. One such facility is available for a laboratory setup known as “Single Board Heater System”, SBHS for short. The SBHS RT lab can be accessed here. To understand what is SBHS, see the spoken tutorial available here. If you want to quickly learn how to access SBHS RT labs see this. A good documentation/manual on this is available here under the “Documentation” section. The document contains a dedicated chapter which attempts to explain the Client-Server architecture.

A few bugs/features to be addressed:

  • There are two main bugs which result in “no connection” to the server and “no communication” with the hardware. They have to be identified and resolved.
  • An admin interface is required where he/she can carry out certain tests and check for the server health, easily. For example, there has to be a web facility for the admin to test a particular SBHS and acquire the results, bypassing the common user rules.
  • An admin interface is also required to check all webcams.
  • An admin interface is also required to download users data files based on slot date-time.
  • Needs test cases to check the server functionality.
  • Some Version Controlling issues have to be fixed.
  • Automated health monitoring has to be implemented to remove the non-working SBHS units and report to admin.
  • The current server handles all the load, including hardware interface. Enable load sharing with a connected computer.