Seasons Of Code

Intrusion Detection system    • Rahul Bukte    • Mohammad Taufeeque   

WnCC - Seasons of Code

Seasons of Code is a programme launched by WnCC along the lines of the Google Summer of Code. It provides one with an opprtunity to learn and participate in a variety of interesting projects under the mentorship of the very best in our institute.

List of Running Projects

Intrusion Detection system

Intrusion Detection system

To build intrusion detection system using statistical analysis and ml.

IDS detects presence of unwanted and malicious network packets on a network that may be generated by trojans, viruses, worms or network mappers. Here we try to implement an IDS using machine learning

You can expect to learn about computer networks, security issues, socket programming, basics of ML and increase efficiency in coding


Basic C or C++ or Python

Tentative Timeline:

Week Number Tasks to be Completed
Week 1,2,3 Study networks, security, ML and related topics.
Week 4,5 Buffer
Week 6,7,8 Implementation
Week 9 ML training and debugging
Week 10 Buffer