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Lossless high entropy compression algorithm    • Anubhav Agarwal   

WnCC - Seasons of Code

Seasons of Code is a programme launched by WnCC along the lines of the Google Summer of Code. It provides one with an opprtunity to learn and participate in a variety of interesting projects under the mentorship of the very best in our institute.

List of Running Projects

Lossless high entropy compression algorithm

Lossless high entropy compression algorithm

Implement your own sequence neural net

Ever dreamed of making the compression algorithm from Pied Piper featured in the popular Silicon Valley series? Here is your chance! The project aims at implementing a potentially lossless algorithm which, unlike others, can work even on high entropy data. The project will involve basic knowledge of Discrete Time Fourier Transform, signal processing. However, a major portion would involve developing expertise in neural networks with focus on RNNs, LSTMs, etc. You would implement your own sequence to sequence neural net aimed at performing a particular task which is essential to the working of compression algorithm.

Tentative Project Timeline

Week Number Tasks to be Completed
Week 1,2,3 Developing fundamentals in python,machine learning and neural networks through popular sources like coursera, udacity.
Week 4,5 Learning basics of RNNs and LSTMs and their in-depth implementation in tensorflow 2.0
Week 6,7 Trying out various models and getting your hands dirty while aiming to achieve the objective
Week 8,9 If above task is complete, packaging everything into an end-to-end pipeline