Seasons Of Code

SIFT    • Dhruv Shah    • Shashwat Shukla   



Despite many recent groundbreaking advances in pattern recognition and image recognition, most of which are attributable to Machine Learning methods like Convolutional Neural Networks, these algorithms face multiple problems like a lack of robustness with respect to scale, lighting, rotation, noise etc. Enter Scale & Orientation Invariant Object Recognition .

Scale Invariant Feature Transform is a method of object/feature detection that excels in this regard. Applications include recognition under occlusion, panoramic image stitching, apps like CamScanner and much more.


What to Expect:

Hands-on experience with Python | Image Processing & Computer Vision algorithms | Applied Statistics & Linear Algebra

Week 0 and 1:

  • Study related to some python libraries namely matplotlib, OpenCV, Numpy.
  • To study the impact of applications of SIFT.
  • To study the impact and applications of SIFT.