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LendIt- A sharing platform    • Nihal Singh    • Arpan Banerjee    • Akash Trehan   

LendIt- A sharing platform

LendIt- A sharing platform

LendIt is a web application developed using the Django framework. Through LendIt, one can find people around who wish to lend out things. One can also add things they are willing to lend out for others to borrow.

It is designed to facilitate sharing of mostly reusable commodities such as books, movies or games.

With easy onboarding using Facebook login, one can easily put up items they want to lend with photos and specify the condition of the book and duration they want to lend for. Searching is made equally easy by using Autocomplete. A map shows you lenders near your location.

Requesting a book sends a notification to the lender after which they can either accept or decline it. In case they choose to accept, they can exchange their contact details and set up a meeting. An OTP exchange mechanism helps prevent fraud. Rating based mechanism to promote more trustable users.

With this application we aim to create a community where people with similar interests meet and share their belongings. We aim to launch this at an institute level soon. :)

The repository can be found here.

Week 0

  • In dept discussions were conducted about the details of the project and every single feature.
  • Relevant APIs were searched for.
  • The structure of the database was finalised.

Week 1

  • Used the APIs, got familiar with them.
  • Compeleted the Facebook OAuth.
  • Finalised the framework for frontend, ReactJS and started it’s tutorial.