Seasons Of Code

Competitive Programming    • Govind Lahoti    • Shantanu Thakoor   

Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming

Learn and practice algorithms and data structures needed for competitive programming contests. The project will involve learning the important algorithms/data structures in the field of Computer Science on your own (I will provide the reference material) and then practice lots and lots of problems on competitive coding websites like spoj, codeforces.

In your proposal mention your familiarity with C++

Reading material: There is humongous collection of tutorials, videos, practice problems on the internet. Google them.

Week 0

  • Accounts created in SpOJ, Codeforces and A2OJ
  • A2OJ group of Mentees and Mentors created, Problem Sheets uploaded

Week 1

  • Problem Sheets 2, 3, 4 Uploaded
  • Implementation of Greedy Algorithms Started.