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Functional Programming    • Govind Lahoti   

Functional Programming

Functional Programming

Learn and use functional programming for software development. You will learn one or more functional programming languages of your choice (Clojure, Haskell, Ocaml, Racket etc), and then use it for developing software/tool/game of your choice.

In your proposal mention what you wish to develop using which functional programming language
Reading material :
Google them.

Week 0:

  • Mentees explored the differet functional programming languages that could be used for their projects.
  • The libraries available were also explored to find the one best suited for every project.
  • After research and some discussion, most students chose Haskell and started reading up on the syntax and libraries.

Week 1:

  • Started understanding the syntax of Haskell
  • Practicing problems on functional programming on Hackerrank

Week 2:

  • More problems solved on HackerRank : Functional Programming

Week 3:

  • Worked on understanding graphical libraries
  • Projects started and github repo uploaded for Mid-Term evaluation

Mid Term Evaluation

Github repositories for projects
* Ishan Tarunesh
* Shubham Anand

Weeks 4-8

  • The mentees worked on their individual projects/games, learning about new libraries on the go.
  • Ishan Tarunesh created a survival game similar to the Hunger Games series using the language Racket.
  • Shubham Anand created a game called Magic Slide Puzzle, also using Racket.